I write this letter to you as thou you were sitting here next to me because I always feel you next to me.
How can a mother say "good bye" to a fallen child? It is not natural. It should be the other way around.
A wonderful addition to our family. A younger brother to Raanan and an older brother later on to Zohar.
A baby book perfect child, you ate well and slept well. Always with a smile on your chubby little face and lots of love in your heart, you were an easy child to love and to bring up.
Quickly the years went by, you finished grade school and went on to Jr, High School. A normal pre-teen with the wants and actions as of your peers.
There were days of laughing and days of rebellion. Normal things that are said and
Done and some that were not so normal. But a mother always forgives and always forgets. We pulled thru it. Pulled thru as a family.
From there you grew to a High School student/ You changed school and took your life more into control. Your grades rose to a level that we always knew and told you that you had in you.. You got your drivers license and decided to lose weight.
And lose weight you did. 68 kilo and you look like a model. You opened up to your family, to your friends and to the world. The future was bright.
On Monday the 28th of March 2005 you went into the Tank Corp. as did your father and older brother and uncle before you. Our pride and joy for you and with you poured from all of us.
You connected with your brother and sister on a new level. You were always like a little father to them. Cooking for them and standing up for them when needed.
The knock on the door came at 6;45p.m. on Monday June 6th, 2005 and for ever changed our live. They changed not because of anything that was said or done in the past, but because from that moment on there would never again be you. No more smile, no more laughing and no more talking with you. No more special person named Dror.
At that one second in time, our whole world changed, never to return again. How can a mother who gives birth to a child say "good bye". How can we say good bye to one of the greatest loves of my life.
I feel your presence here with me every second of every minute of every hour of every day. This is why I will not say good bye but "Lihetraot" till we meet again.
I can only hope that you are truly resting in peace surrounded by your grandmother and both grandfathers. Take good care of each other.
Always in our hearts and on our minds,